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How to add Partners’ Instragram Feed on S-Info’s Social Hub

Once you have received the Partner role credentials from the S-Info site administrator, log in at this address.
If you have not yet received your Partner credentials, please notify us.

Go on “Instragram Feed” section and click “+ Add New” red button.

Continue clicking on “Next” and then “+ Add New” buttons

You will be redirected to a Smash Ballon landing page to link your account.
Click on “Basic” and then “Connect with Instagram“.

Enter your Instagram account credentials.

Click on “Not now” to save your credentials.

ClickAllow” for cookies.
ClickAllow” for Smash Ballon.
After redirect, click on “Yes, It is my domain“.

At the end you’ll return on Instragram Feed’s admin page.

Don’t do any other operation but notify the admin by e-mail that you have completed the wizard.
It will be the admin’s responsibility to verify that the connection has been made correctly and will complete the configuration of the feed.