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Mapping of CSOs and Journalists

29/02/2024 31/01/2024 00:00 01/03/2024

One of the first tasks undertaken by the partners was to invite civil society organisations and independent and aspiring investigative journalists to register their names with the S-INFO project. Context and Repubblika guided the partners in this exercise.

The resulting lists, or maps have two main purposes:

First, they form the pool of CSOs and journalists who will be invited to be part of future project activities, such as a journalism workshop, debates on issues related to the media and disinformation, training and mentorship in investigative journalism, a handbook for CSOs, and a grant scheme for selected journalists and activists that will fund their work on investigative stories. Both CSOs and journalists are classified according to their areas of interest – corruption, social justice and environment – which form the core foci for the S-INFO project.

Secondly, the maps will form the basis of a network between activists and media professionals for future collaboration, in pursuit of the project’s goal of exploring the ways civil society can engage with, support and strengthen independent journalism, to fight corruption, strengthen social rights and justice, and defend the environment.