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Call for participation

We are offering journalists the opportunity to promote articles they have already published and that are still relevant by publishing them on our online platform and on the various partner social networks and on their media. If you'd like to join our European network of journalists and you've written about our subjects, the S-Info project is for you!

  • These articles should deal with the three main themes of the project: corruption, ecology and social justice, including women's and minority rights.
  • Articles should be recent or deal with topical issues.
  • These articles must be free of copyright or with permission to publish with attribution to the original source.
  • You can send us an abstract of your article in English.

If your article is selected for publication: We will translate it into English if necessary, with the author's right of review of course, as the original articles are in French, Dutch, Romanian, Maltese and Italian. We unfortunately don’t have the resources to translate to English from other languages.

If you are interested, please send us your articles to this address:

They will then be part of a selection organised by the project's editorial coordination group, which will decide whether to publish them according to various criteria linked to the theme, their correspondence to the project's values and their relevance with the European news / at an European level.

Journalistic articles to be promoted through the S-Info project


Deadly health care fires: Decades-old wiring found in scores of hospitals in Romania

Abstract: In recent years, more than a dozen people have died in hospital fires in Romania, some of which resulted from old electrical infrastructure. At Context, we have spent months investigating the phenomenon and found that almost half of Romania’s state hospitals have intensive care units with electrical systems older than 20 years. The Ministry […]

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Antwerp as a worldwide hub for illegal plastic waste

Abstract: The port of Antwerp plays an important role in the international plastic waste trade, which is increasingly falling into criminal hands. Inadequate controls, understaffing at customs and broken scanners open the door to abuse, according to research by Humo and others. Containers full of illegal plastic waste leave Antwerp for Asia, to be dumped there.  by Dominique Soenens Published in […]

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