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SINFO Safer Space

Safer Spaces are meetings between media professionals and activists in a caring and safe environment. Discussions are based on the principles of mutual respect, empathy and solidarity. During each session, participants can share their work experiences and needs as professionals.

These meetings take into account the intersectional dimension of professionals. Topics such as racism, validism, LGBTphobia, etc. will find space during the activities.

Increasingly, safer spaces are necessary moments to share stories about how to ensure a healthy working environment, where different professionals come face to face. The objectives of this meeting are

  • to share stories and experiences
  • get people talking
  • create solidarity and empowerment
  • reflect on the concept of ‘Safer Space’, on how to make spaces as ‘safe’ as possible
  • work together to find solutions so that all people can expect the media to respect and treat them fairly both on and off screen.

We propose you a short questionnaire that will allow us to understand the specific needs of each context and thus define a specific methodology for each of the Safer Spaces of the S-INFO project. It will then try to identify the needs and concrete situation of journalists and media activists in the exercise of their work, with the aim of offering them “safer” spaces in which they can exchange, share and build together new ways of improving their working conditions, safety and personal well-being.

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